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Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
Definately the most popular NBA team .... in China
Canada's lone NBA team, not always a success on the court, but always a fiasco off of it
The 30th and newest expansion team in the National Basketball Association
A superb example of an oxymoron
Superman's home
The best team in the history of the NBA and the most hated team in the NBA
The choosen one cometh, and then he taketh away
Their locker room is like the NRA of Basketball
They play in Oakland, but nobody outside of California knows that
Their best player is a condiment
Probably Oregon's only professional sports team
A very underrated team now, full of young rising stars
Chris Paul
They keep losing, but the Love keeps going double-double strong
Won 6 NBA championships so far
Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
He took his talents there
Russian owners make bad sports franchises
Majority of the team is covered with tats, and those who aren't are generally looked down upon
They have the best player at H-O-R-S-E
The Bengals of the NBA; they suck and are ultra cheap
The best team in the West
Built in a city where they think they can buy any player they want
NBA team that is slowly crumbling
The best Basketball team ever .... in the ABA
The best thing to ever come out of Canada is on this team
A giant bandwagon that everyone started joining during the 2007-08 season
An NBA team that chokes every time they get close to a big win
Whenever he isn't injured, their best player shares the same last name as a color
Home of the Doctor
Probably lost during the worst officiated playoff game ever

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