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Curse of the Billy Goat
Underachieving choke artist team that can't win when it counts
The NL team of the 1990s
The World Series Kings because they never lost a World Series, even though they have been to only two
The thrift store for all other major league baseball teams
An evil empire, the reason baseball is no fun anymore
Snubbed on a perfect game, thanks Jim Joyce
Washington Senators until 1960; 2 time World Series Champs
Only team in history to come back from 0-3 in the playoffs like pimps to beat the so called 'best team ever'
Should not be in this quiz due to betting on other quizzes
Baseball north of the border
A team that is way better than the Chicago Cubs
A team that sucked for 25 years and had no fan support and when they finally got good there fans act like they loved them
A team that cannot seem to catch game winning pop-ups
The baseball team with the finest, most honorable mascot in Chief Wahoo
Urban Dictionary DefinitionTeam
Their best players are Japanese
The team with the most losses out of any sports team and has one of the best and most loyal fan base
Every at bat seems like a strike out
The reason all of Maryland sings the 'O!' in the Star-Spangled Banner
Sports Illustrated said that this team will finish 30th overall in the 2005 season, there are only 30 teams
Always seem to have an amazing run at the end of the year
The players are actually not that athletic, because their outfielders have a tendency to fall down a foot from the ball
The circumstance that surrounds this name change is quite unfortunate
Hated in New York, loved in California
Finally reached the World Series, but has sucked since losing A-Rod
A team that is more consistent than their north-side counterparts
Worst team in the NL West
Drop the 'Devil' from their name and they do good
The laughingstock of the MLB
Win with nobodys but lose with the Home Run king

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