English Monarch by Surroundings

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Can you name the English Monarch by their predecessor and successor?

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Henry IVHenry VI
Charles IJames II
William IHenry I
George VGeorge VI
Jane GreyElizabeth I
Edward IIIHenry IV
JohnEdward I
Henry IIJohn
George IIIWilliam IV
George IVVictoria
George IGeorge III
Richard IHenry III
Elizabeth ICharles I
Charles IIWilliam and Mary
StephenRichard I
William IVEdward VII
Edward IVRichard III
George IIGeorge IV
Henry VIIIJane Grey
VictoriaGeorge V
Edward IEdward III
James ICharles II
Edward VIIEdward VIII
Edward VIIIElizabeth II
Harold IIWilliam II
William IIStephen
Henry IHenry II
James IIAnne
Edward VIMary I
Richard IIHenry V
George VINone yet
Henry VIEdward V
Henry VEdward IV
Henry VIIEdward VI
Edward VHenry VII
Edward IIRichard II
William and MaryGeorge I
Henry IIIEdward II
AnneGeorge II
Mary IJames I
Richard IIIHenry VIII

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