Intrastate Interstate Highways

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Can you name the state the intrastate interstates reside in?

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Intrastate InterstateStateLength in Miles
Interstate 4132.3
Interstate 1285.6
Interstate 16166.8
Interstate 17145.8
Interstate 1963.4
Interstate 27124.1
Interstate 37143.0
Interstate 43191.6
Interstate 45284.9
Interstate 49208.3
Interstate 7356.7
Intrastate InterstateStateLength in Miles
Interstate 86 (west)62.9
Interstate 87333.5
Interstate 88 (west)140.6
Interstate 88 (east)117.8
Interstate 96192.1
Interstate 9717.6
Interstate 9985.0
Interstate H-127.2
Interstate H-28.3
Interstate H-315.3

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