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What is Aria's secret?
Who commits suicide in Flawless?
What is the signature on all the texts the girls receive?
What is Emily's secret?
What is Hanna's secret?
Who does Isaac believe: Emily or his mom?
Where did Alison go missing?
What is the name of the girl's school?
Who calls their parents by their first names?
Who dies in Wanted?
Who is Spencer's boyfriend after Wren?
Who is Alson's father?
Who does Aria have an affair with?
How long has Alison been missing?
Who dies in Unbelievable?
What is Alison's mother's name?
Who does Hanna date after Sean?
Who's summer house was burned down?
What is the name of the town?
What does Ezra exclaim when he sees Aria in his class?
Who does Emily date after Maya?
Who is Alison's twin sister?
What happens when Spencer buys an apartment?
Who is A in the first four books?
Who is Spencer's real mother?
What is Spencer's secret?
What text do the girls get at the end of Pretty Little Liars?
Who is Alison's half sister?
When did Alison go missing?
Who is Byron having an affair with?

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