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QuestionsCharacters, Items, or Events
At the 'New York Style' fashion show Carrie wears...
What is the name of Miranda's lesbian girlfriend?
Carrie's Love interest
Kristin Davis's character
How Many episodes of Sex and the City are there?
Carrie Bradshaw is an alias for who?
According to Carrie, what does it take to make a relationship last until 'death do us part?'
Carrie's favorite shoe designers
What does Samantha get to prep for Carrie's book party?
What city does the show take place in?
Who sings 'All Dressed in Love'?
Who is the only lady to not win an award for a solo performance on the show?
When was the 1st season of sex and the city aired on HBO?
What celebrity do Carrie and Standford bump into at the Village Market?
While enjoying the honeymoon which of the ladies accidentally swallows shower water and gets sick?
How many seasons are there?
What flowers did Steve bring Miranda?
What phrase did Carrie use to end all of her columns during the show?
QuestionsCharacters, Items, or Events
What Broadway show did Charlotte love?
Cynthia Nixon's character
What does Jack Berger collect from around the City?
What is Carrie's email screen name?
Kim Cattrall's character
What is Carrie's editor at Vogues name?
Where does Carrie go on her book tour?
Where do Miranda and Steve plan to meet if they forgive each-other?
What is the name of Samantha's neighbor who she is attracted to?
Who says the following, ''ve been dating since I was 15. I'm exhausted! Where is he?'?
What is the name of Charlottes adopted child?
Date of SATC 2
what book does big quote in his apology emails to carrie?
Sara Jessica Parker's character
Designer of Carrie's Wedding Dress
Who are the parents of Brady?
Type of Heel Mr. Big buys Carrie

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