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Can you name the 1 millionth through 8 millionth issued US patent by descriptions of the patented inventions*?

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To guess a patent number, simply type the number of the patent you think applies. Thus, for example, if you think the invention was for the 1 millionth patent, enter the number 1. For the 5 millionth patent, enter the number 5, etc. If you are only off by 1 million patent numbers, you will be allowed to guess again. If you are off by more than 1 million patent numbers, your answer will be incorrect. It is strongly recommended that you read all the patent descriptions before answering.
Patent DescriptionPatent No./Date of Issuance
For a means allowing a person with the press of a single button to synchronize files found on one computer with those found on another.
For a means of using E. coli bacteria to produce ethanol.
For a visual prosthesis apparatus that enhances visual perception for people who have gone blind due to outer retinal degeneration.
For rail car wheels and tires that could attain exceptional high rates of speed, be braked as severely as desired, and do so safely.
For an apparatus for reading characters in human language and providing therefrom signals representative thereof in machine language.
For a pneumatic automobile tire with a core consisting of relatively solid material to avoid puncturing.
For strong, biodegradable, low-cost, polysaccharide fibers for use in textile applications.
For a process for creating recyclable asphalt-aggregate compositions used for roadway surfaces.

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