ESPN's Best Teams Without a Championship

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Can you name the ESPN's Best Teams to Never Win a Championship?

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1. NFLLost, 14-17 to Giants in Super Bowl XLII
2. NHLLost, 2-4 in Western Conf. Finals to Avalanche
3. MLBLost, 2-3 in ALCS to Yankees
4. NFLLost, 27-30 in NFC Championship to Falcons
5. MLBLost, 2-4 in World Series to Braves
6. NFLLost, 20-30 in NFC Championship to Cowboys
7. NBALost, 2-4 in First Round to Warriors
8. MLBLost, 2-4 in NLDS to Phillies
9. NHLLost, 2-4 in First Round to Oilers
10. NFLLost, 18-21 in Divisional Round to Steelers
SportTeamWhat Happened???
11. MLBLost, 2-4 in World Series to Yankees
12. NHLLost, 3-4 in Second Round to Flames
13. NBALost, 3-4 in Eastern Conf. Finals to Knicks
14.NBALost, 2-4 in NBA Finals to Lakers
15. NFLLost, 21-24 in Divisional Round to Patriots
16. MLBLost, 0-4 in World Series to Giants
17. NBALost, 2-3 in First Round to Nuggets
18. NHLLost, 3-4 in First Round to Canadiens
19. NFLLost, 7-24 in AFC Championship to Raiders
20. MLBLost, 2-4 in World Series to White Sox

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