UConn NCAA Tournament Opponents

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Can you name the UConn NCAA Tournament opponents under Jim Calhoun?

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Year and RoundSeed and SchoolFinal Score
1990 First Round76-52 (W)
1990 Second Round74-54 (W)
1990 Regional Semifinals71-70 (W) (The Shot)
1990 Regional Finals78-79 OT (L)
1991 First Round79-62 (W)
1991 Second Round66-50 (W)
1991 Regional Semifinals67-81 (L)
1992 First Round86-65 (W)
1992 Second Round55-78 (L)
1994 First Round64-46 (W)
1994 Second Round75-63 (W)
1994 Regional Semifinals60-69 OT (L)
1995 First Round100-71 (W)
1995 Second Round96-91 (W)
1995 Regional Semifinals99-89 (W)
1995 Regional Finals96-102 (L)
1996 First Round68-59 (W)
1996 Second Round95-81 (W)
1996 Regional Semifinals55-60 (L)
1998 First Round93-85 (W)
1998 Second Round78-68 (W)
Year and RoundSeed and SchoolFinal Score
1998 Regional Semifinals75-74 (W)
1998 Regional Finals64-75 (L)
1999 First Round91-66 (W)
1999 Second Round78-56 (W)
1999 Regional Semifinals78-68 (W)
1999 Regional Finals67-62 (W)
1999 Final Four64-58 (W)
1999 National Championship77-74 (W)
2000 First Round75-67 (W)
2000 Second Round51-65 (L)
2002 First Round78-67 (W)
2002 Second Round77-74 (W)
2002 Regional Semifinals71-59 (W)
2002 Regional Finals82-90 (L)
2003 First Round58-53 (W)
2003 Second Round85-74 (W)
2003 Regional Semifinals78-82 (L)
2004 First Round70-53 (W)
2004 Second Round72-55 (W)
2004 Regional Semifinals73-53 (W)
2004 Regional Finals87-71 (W)
Year and RoundSeed and SchoolFinal Score
2004 Final Four79-78 (W)
2004 National Championship82-73 (W)
2005 First Round77-71 (W)
2005 Second Round62-65 (L)
2006 First Round72-59 (W)
2006 Second Round87-83 (W)
2006 Regional Semifinals98-92 OT (W)
2006 Regional Finals84-86 OT (L)
2008 First Round69-70 OT (L)
2009 First Round103-47 (W)
2009 Second Round92-66 (W)
2009 Regional Semifinals72-60 (W)
2009 Regional Finals82-75 (W)
2009 Final Four73-82 (L)
2011 First Round81-52 (W)
2011 Second Round69-58 (W)
2011 Regional Semifinals74-67 (W)
2011 Regional Finals65-63 (W)
2011 Final Four56-55 (W)
2011 National Championship 53-41 (W)
2012 First Round64-77 (L)

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