And They Lived (Un)happily Ever After

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Can you name the fairy tale based on the original, unhappy, ending?

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Unhappy EndingFairy Tale
The title character leads many children out of a village and drowns them after the village refused to pay him his money.
Both the title character and her grandmother are eaten by a wolf.
The title character refuses to kill her lover so she jumps into the ocean and turns into sea foam.
After falling alseep for a hundred years, a king rapes the title character and she gives birth while asleep.
A little boy is killed by his step-mother in a jealous rage, cooked in a stew, and served to his father.
The title character literally rips himself in half after a woman tricks him by guessing his name.
Bears find a trespasser in their house and eat her.
A little girl is so enthralled by magical visions produced by flames that she burns her supply of matches and dies of the cold.
The prince and the princess are both tricked by a witch: the prince is blinded in thorns, and the princess is shaved and stuck in a tower.
The princess ditches her stepsisters who intentionally mutilated their feet, and had pigeons peck out their eyes.

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