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Name of DogBreedMovie
Perdita101 ******
FrancisOliver and Company
ChanceHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
TobyThe Great Mouse Detective
RoscoeOliver and Company
TitoOliver and Company
Greyfriars BobbyGreyfriars Bobby
JockLady and the Tramp
BrutusThe Ugly Dachshund
NanaPeter Pan
Big RedBig Red
BuddyAir Bud
Name of DogBreedMovie
RitaOliver and Company
NapoleonThe Aristocats
DemonSnow Dogs
MaxThe Little Mermaid
LadyLady and the Tramp
GeorgetteOliver and Company
Khyi-yag-po/ScruffyThe Shaggy Dog (2006)
Digger102 Dalmatians
PegLady and the Tramp
Chomp102 Dalmatians
Lil' Lightning101 Dalmatians 2
Drooler102 Dalmatians

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