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Can you name the Languages with under 1000 native speakers?

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This language is spoken in Turkey
A language spoken in the Southern Hemisphere
A member of the Uralic family
They speak this in a snowy part of the world
Only one magazine or newspaper has been produced in this language.
This is spoken in a border area in Indochina
A baltic language.
This language has no official status
Viva Washoe County!
Spoken in Oklahoma
This is an unwritten language
This is the language of Tobi
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This one came on the Bounty
An Altaic tongue
This is the only Sami language that is spoken in Finland
Spoken at the end of the world
Pity the Sami. So many different languages
This has consonant gradation
Northern European
This language is closely related to Estonian
This language is spoken in Northern Australia
A Sami language spoken in Russia
Typically seen as a 'language isolate'.

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