Guardians of the Galaxy - old & new

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alien race the original team foughtOriginal (Earth-691)
archer from Beta Centauri IVOriginal (Earth-691)
female from Arcturus IVOriginal (Earth-691)
human who 1st appeared in Captain America #434Modern (Earth-616)
he REALLY hates ThanosModern (Earth-616)
Inhuman member of the teamOriginal (Earth-691)
born on MercuryOriginal (Earth-691)
was originally a MicronautModern (Earth-616)
monarch of Planet XModern (Earth-616)
Pluto was his homeOriginal (Earth-691)
aka 'The Celestial Madonna'Modern (Earth-616)
1000 years in suspended animationOriginal (Earth-691)
most dangerous woman in the universeModern (Earth-616)
born from a cocoonModern (Earth-616)
hails from JupiterOriginal (Earth-691)
uses an 'element gun'Modern (Earth-616)
the reanimated corpse of her Dad is also on the teamModern (Earth-616)
former Russian cosmonautModern (Earth-616)
big golden 'wings'Original (Earth-691)
artificial offspring of Mar-VellModern (Earth-616)
inspired by a classic Beatles songModern (Earth-616)
female who jumped from the Avengers to the GuardiansOriginal (Earth-691)

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