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Country/Who owns itCar BrandYear established/Car Models
Italy1929. Enzo,Dino.
Germany1909-1940 1997-. Landaulet,62.
USA1992-2010. H2,H3T.
France1882. (1810 as coffee mill) 107,406.
Germany1916. Z4,507.
Japan1986. Integra,Legend.
Italy1992. Zonda,Huayra (future).
USA1925. Imperial,300.
Sweden1937. 9-3,9-5.
USA1908. no real cars, One of the Big three.
Germany1909. Quattro,R8.
Australia1856. Commodore,Monaro.
UK1919. Azure,Continental GT.
Japan1907. Midget,Terios.
USA1926. GTO,Aztek.
UK1989. F1,Hypercar (future).
Italy1963. Countach,Gallardo.
Japan1920. 6,MX-5/Miata.
Japan1933. Skyline,March/Micra.
France1899. Clio,Laguna.
Italy1914. Quattroporte,GranTurismo.
Italy1910. Spider,Montreal.
UK1959. Cooper,Traveller
South Korea1944. Optima,Forte
Country/Who owns itCar BrandYear established/Car Models
USA1897-2004. Cutlass,Aurora.
Italy1906. Ypsilon,Musa.
Germany1862. Astra,Vectra.
Germany1994. Fortwo,City-Coupe.
France1919. 2CV,DS
Sweden1927. S60,S40/V40.
USA1983-2009. S281,S7.
Germany1937. Beetle,Golf.
UK1948. Range Rover,Discovery.
Japan1909. Swift,Cultus
South Korea1967. Sonata,Elantra.
USA1903. Fiesta,Taurus.
UK1913. DB5,V8 Vantage.
USA1911. Corvette,Volt.
USA1902. Escalade,Eldorado.
Italy1909. (sold in 1963) Veyron,Atlantic.
USA1954-1987 (then renamed Eagle). Gremlin,Pacer.
USA1928-2001. Barracuda,Prowler.
UK1904-1998. Phantom,Silver Shadow.
Japan1989. LS,IS.
Japan1916. Trooper,Rodeo.
Spain1950. Arosa,Tribu (future).
India1945. Nano,Vista
USA1917. Continental,Town Car.
Country/Who owns itCar BrandYear established/Car Models
USA1901. Sierra,Canyon.
USA1903. Regal,Special.
USA1914. Viper,Charger.
Japan1953. Impreza,Legacy
South Korea1967-1999. Istana,Prince.
Japan1948. Civic,Odyssey
USA1939-2010. Mariner,Marquis.
Germany1886. C-Class,S-Class.
USA1941. Grand Cherokee,Wrangler.
USA1985-2010. Astra,Sky.
Japan1937. Corolla,Camry
Malaysia 1983. Waja,Gen-2.
South Korea1954. Musso,Rodius.
UK1903. Cavalier,Victor.
Czech Republic1895. Yeti,Superb.
Japan2002. xB,tC.
Japan1870. Lancer Evolution,Galant
Italy1899. 500,Punto.
Japan1989. G,QX.
Germany1931. 911,Boxster.
UK1922. E-Type,XF.
USA1852-1967. Touring,Phaeton.
Netherlands1999. C8,D8.
UK1952. Elite,Elan.

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