Women in the U.S. Congress

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Can you name the women serving in the 113th United States Congress?

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ChamberRepresentative or SenatorPolitical Party and Seat
HouseR, AL-02
HouseD, AL-07
SenateR, AK-Sr Class 3
HouseD, AZ-01
HouseD, AZ-09
SenateD, CA-Sr Class 1
SenateD, CA-Jr Class 3
HouseD, CA-06
HouseD, CA-12
HouseD, CA-13
HouseD, CA-14
HouseD, CA-18
HouseD, CA-19
HouseD, CA-24
HouseD, CA-26
HouseD, CA-27
HouseD, CA-32
HouseD, CA-35
HouseD, CA-37
HouseD, CA-38
HouseD, CA-40
HouseD, CA-43
HouseD, CA-44
HouseD, CA-46
HouseD, CA-53
HouseD, CO-01
HouseD, CT-03
HouseD, CT-05
HouseD, DC-AL
HouseD, FL-05
HouseD, FL-14
HouseD, FL-22
HouseD, FL-23
HouseD, FL-24
ChamberRepresentative or SenatorPolitical Party and Seat
HouseR, FL-27
HouseD, GU-AL
SenateD, HI-Jr Class 1
HouseD, HI-01
HouseD, HI-02
HouseD, IL-02
HouseD, IL-08
HouseD, IL-09
HouseD, IL-17
HouseR, IN-02
HouseR, IN-05
HouseR, KS-02
SenateD, LA-Sr Class 2
SenateR, ME-Sr Class 2
HouseD, ME-01
SenateD, MD-Sr Class 3
HouseD, MD-04
SenateD, MA-Sr Class 1
HouseD, MA-03
HouseD, MA-05
SenateD, MI-Jr Class 1
HouseR, MI-10
SenateD, MN-Sr Class 1
HouseD, MN-04
HouseR, MN-06
SenateD, MO-Sr Class 1
HouseR, MO-02
HouseR, MO-04
SenateR, NE-Jr Class 1
HouseD, NV-01
SenateD, NH-Sr Class 2
SenateR, NH-Jr Class 3
HouseD, NH-01
HouseD, NH-02
ChamberRepresentative or SenatorPolitical Party and Seat
HouseD, NM-01
SenateD, NY-Jr Class 1
HouseD, NY-04
HouseD, NY-06
HouseD, NY-07
HouseD, NY-09
HouseD, NY-12
HouseD, NY-17
HouseD, NY-25
SenateD, NC-Jr Class 2
HouseR, NC-02
HouseR, NC-05
SenateD, ND-Jr Class 1
HouseD, OH-03
HouseD, OH-09
HouseD, OH-11
HouseD, OR-01
HouseD, PA-13
HouseR, SD-AL
HouseR, TN-06
HouseR, TN-07
HouseR, TX-12
HouseD, TX-18
HouseD, TX-30
HouseD, VI-AL
SenateD, WA-Sr Class 3
SenateD, WA-Jr Class 1
HouseD, WA-01
HouseR, WA-03
HouseR, WA-05
HouseR, WV-02
SenateD, WI-Jr Class 1
HouseD, WI-04
HouseR, WY-AL

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