Lacrosse Referee Signals

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Can you name the Lacrosse Referee Signals?

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SignalMake the Call
Forearm forming T over upright hand
Hand striking behind knee
One elbow waving forward/ back like sideway chicken wing
Two arms crossed over chest
Thumb waving from flexed elbow
Two arms out in T formation
Elbow held horizontal in front; opposite hand chops tricep
Hands waving above head
Two index fingers pointing down
One arm extended up in the air
SignalMake the Call
One arm horizontal to ground w/ chopping
Hand salute to forehead
One hand chopping opposite wrist
Windmill one arm
Hands held aloft
Hand gripping opposite wrist
Two hands clasped overhead in praying pose
One elbow waving up/down like chicken wing
Tap top of head
Two fists extended bumping together

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