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Can you name the word shared by each group of terms from The Legend of Zelda series (see note)?

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Zelda TermsCommon BondTerm Origins
Keeta, Mask, Dungeon
Pendant of, Triforce of, Temple of
Hero's, Red, Engineer's
Turtle, Spectacle, Pinnacle
Beast, Temple, Hag
Magic, Roc's, Zora
Pirate, Moblin, Sakon's
Temple, of Life, Town of Saria
Bean, Powder, Armor
Blin, Octo, Green Chuchu
Medallion, Flute, Island
Sun, Nightmare, Magical
Ordon, Mirror, Hylian
Goddess of, Piece of, Pyramid of
Sword, Bug, Frog
Shield, Spin, Roll
Haunted, Tabahl, Natzu
River, Seas, Flippers
Hagen, Bo, Dotour
Spooky, Doggie, Bremen
Gold Piece, Sky Book, Castle of Ikana
Fairy, Sea, Deku Tree
Wall, Key, Garo
Lon Lon, Romani, Ordon
Skull, Magic, Megaton
Kin, Gossip, Alchemy
School, Scroll, Newsletter
Pumpkin, Horse, Medusa
Tail, Mermaid's, Unicorn's
Wind, Tarm, Snowpeak
Frog, Sinking, Big Catch
Color, Crown, Dancing Dragon
Clock, Thieves', Hyrule
Ambi, Rutela, of Fairies
Superb, Lava, Elixir
Link, Yoshi, Ghastly
Jabber, Deku, Dark
Tears of, Bow of, Prelude of
Elde, Stock Pot, Happy Hearth
Goron, Melari's, Dark Ore
of Passing, of Healing, of Discovery
Switch, Grappling, Fishing
Bulblin, Zora, Dodongo
Shooting, Goron, Nintendo
Crenel, Cucco, Tamaranch
Bomb, Spoils, Stink
Faron, Minish, Forbidden
Goponga, Southern, Midoro
Diving, Trendy, STAR
Claw, Sling, Hook
Zelda TermsCommon BondTerm Origins
Blue, Grip, Regal
Remote, Water, Super
Sword, Boe, Wolfos
Elder, Temple, Bracelet
Exotic, Bomb, Deku
Regal, Pirate, Skull
Charm, Cave, Shield
Phantom, Puppet, Dark Beast
King's, Ancient, Royal Family's
of Seals, of Magic, of Mudora
Moblin's, Ruto's, Renado's
Tingle, Blade, Composer
Pearl, Tear, Labyrinth
Pirate's, Gerudo, Forsaken
Kasuto, Wayfarer, Man Ho Ho
Mermaid, Wooden, Shop Guru
Goron, Face, Deepwood
of Darkness, of Twilight, on the Sea
Snow, Sacred, Twilight
Deku, Gasha, Pumpkin
Hawk, Slime, Phantom
Handy, Power, Magnetic
Stick, Leaf, Princess
Poe, Cubus, Rosa
Kakariko, Mabe, Anouki
Curiosity, Happy Mask, Beedle's Air
Hyrule, Onox's, Kanalet
Milk, Café, Telma's
Ruto, Zelda, Agitha
Town, Fairy, Zora's
King, Realm, Title Deed
Song of, Thunder, Know-it-All
Earth, Lakebed, Mutoh's
Crescent, Windfall, Mercay
Fish, Tribe, Waker
Ice, Magical, Dominion
Zora, Pocket, Wind Fish's
Yarna, Parapa, Samasa
Seed, Isle, Boomerang
of Hera, of Spirits, of the Gods
Gift of, Hero of, Goddess of
Light, Bomb, Silver
Yoll, Ikana, Kakariko
Key, Dodongo's, Dragon Roost
Lynna, Goron, Sunken
Fire, Death, Goron
Hyrule, Pothole, Termina
Twilit, Two-Headed, Subterranean Lava
Wooden, Master, Lokomo
Shield, Boots, Knuckle

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