Super Mario: Boss Anagrams

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Can you name the Mario series bosses whose names are scrambled up below?

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Anagram [# of words]BossFirst Boss Appearance
He Rips Orc Snobs [2]Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
I Go Bonk [2]Luigi's Mansion
Like Gin Taken [2]Super Mario Galaxy
Kooky Map Ma [2]Paper Mario
Pig Crawl [1]Super Mario Bros. 2
Rope Probe Logo [2]Super Mario Sunshine
Old Surge Bite [1]Super Mario Galaxy
A Man That Nap [1]Super Mario Sunshine
More Mr. Bash [2]Super Mario RPG
Poke Any Wood. [3]Super Mario Bros. 3
Anagram [# of words]BossFirst Boss Appearance
Smog Boos [1]Super Mario 64 DS
Gil Grew [1]Super Mario 64
A Tag Ant [1]Super Mario Land
Bog-Mob Bib [2]Super Mario 64
Nova Kid Woo Plug [3]Super Mario Bros. 3
Rob Sew [1]Super Mario Bros.
Happy Rain Tee [2]Super Mario Sunshine
Or Dib [1]Super Mario Bros. 2
Jam Rub Sorrow [2]Super Mario Galaxy
Near Sax Germ [2]Super Mario RPG

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