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Updated Dec 28, 2012

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I'm not gonna ______ a love song.1
I told him a joke, but he was una___sed.1
My favorite type of music is rock, but I also _______o.3
I can't _______ it's not butter!2
Thanks to the doctor my _____ longer hurts.1
I bought the hoe, but that ________ gift.3
We travelled to France and visited Lyon, Marseille, and _____.1
I can never remember which planet is closest to the sun: is it ________ Mercury?1
That food uses margerine, so it's __________.1
Since we're eating Chinese food, could you pass me ______sticks?1
I'm Sir Lancelot and _______ of the round table.1
I'm really sick; can somebody take me for a ______ down to the doctor?1
I'm having trouble staying awake; that medicine just made me feel _______.1
Your car may be able to go 100 mph, but ________s even faster.2
The woman was thinking about being a nun, so she decided to join the ________.1
There are too many pests; we need to e________ them!1
He refused to go to the top of the building; he had a real ______f heights.1
Heat-_______ missiles home in on their target.1
I modified my car; I gave fourth ________ of nitrogen.1
On a scale of one to ten, I'd rate Noah's ________.1
I hadn't communicated with him in a while, so I _____ an email.4
I pray to ________ a Muslim.1
In Dewford Town there's a guy who asks you what's hip and _______ng.4
If you ever feel hun________ on some food.4
Medieval warriors used to fight with a ________ a sword.4
_____ute zero is the coldest temperature possible.3
Bills are so hard to pay these days; I ________ was easier to come by.3
Q: Why did the Torchic cross the road? A:______?3
Your mail has been ________.2
I should probably stop coming up with puns with this quiz; I don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep _________ out.1

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