GOT7 trivia :D [kpop]

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Their debut date?
They're under which company?
Their debut song?
The name of their first mini album?
Fandom name?
JB and Junior used to be a duo called...?
Who's the maknae (youngest)?
Who's the leader?
Who's the Thai member?
Who's in charge of being ''wild and sexy'' (lol)?
Who's from Los Angeles?
Who made the choreography for ''Follow me''?
Who trained for only 7 months?
Who is a big fan of G Dragon and SNSD's Taeyeon?
Who's the oldest member?
Who's the other blood type 0 member beside Jackson?
Who's the tallest member?
Whose specialty is b-boying?
Who was born in 1996?
Who was a member of his national fencing team?

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