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Can you name the following fantastic legendary creatures - which do you think are real?

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ClueCreatureInitial Letter and Culture of Origin
Winged being, dressed traditionally in whiteA - Judeochristian
Forest hagB - Slavic
Human torso, horse bodyC - Greek
Ghostly apparition of yourselfD - Germanic
Spirit of nature and fertilityE - Germanic
Torso and feet of a human, legs of a goatF - Roman
Malevolent spirit associated with desert and cemetariesG - Arabian
Dog from the underworldH - Worldwide
Male night-demon associated with unexplained pregnanciesI - Sumerian
Horned rabbitJ - American
Water spiritK - Japanese
Mischievious cobbler spirit associated with rainbowsL - Irish
Head of a human, body of a lion, tail of a scorpionM - Persian
ClueCreatureInitial Letter and Culture of Origin
Giants written about in the BibleN - Judeochristian
Particulary ugly giantsO - Medieval European
Small, helpful spritesP - English
Half bird, half lizard deityQ - Aztec
Flying weather spirit, summoned by dancingR - Native American
Human/seal shapeshifterS - Scottish/ Icelandic
Small giants, live in caves and under bridgesT - Norse
Bearded horse with a single hornU - Jewish/ Medieval
Reanimated, blood-driking corpseV - Slavic
Giant, demonic wolfW - English/ Scandinavian
Female water spiritX - Spanish
Wild mountain man/monsterY - Tibetan
Reanimated corpseZ - Afro-Caribbean

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