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Can you name the chemical elements that have been concealed in the following lines of text?

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How to Play Forced Order Wrong Answers
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If you study medicine, you quickly pick up Latin: umbilicus, abdomen, cerebrum...
Any Italian recipe tastes a lot better if you add basil very generously at the end
We found boxes of Grandma’s tat in every room of her Victorian townhouse.
The popularity of jazz in Cuba in the 70s created a distinct Caribbean genre of the music.
The ship’s cargo never made it to port. It was captured by pirates three days later.
After calling till he was hoarse, Nicholas gave up trying to perform at the fair.
It appears the only vegetarian options are a potato kebab or onion bhajis said Nabeel sadly.
Sandra’s involvement with a radical environmentalist group when she was studying at Yale permanently damaged her career prospects.
Each period in English felt like an aeon to the bored pupils of Miss MacKenzie.
Shakespeare’s misanthropic Athenian, Timon, yells a lot in his play, doesn’t he?
Archaeopteryx is a fossil icon, a quintessential ‘missing link’ in palaeontology.
If you are looking for Martin, he’s gone on an adventure and might not be back for a month.
It was John’s job to phone all the extant alumni and ask if they would sponsor a brick in the new school building.
Two donkeys, eight sheep and fourteen oxen on stage made for the most ridiculous Nativity play ever.
If you ever walk near a donkey, don’t forget they can kick really well.
When she got the job at the drug clinic, Kelly never went back to regular nursing.
While my friend was treated for cancer, I umpired in his place at the cricket club.
‘Mr Gibb, is mu the symbol for mili- or micro-?’ asked the physics teacher.
Despite being in southern Italy, if you holiday in the winter in Bari, umbrellas are recommended.
The vicar bonded with his new congregation by telling stories of life as a missionary in India.
‘How do you plead?’ barked corrupt Judge Cotton. ‘Not... Guilty...’ I spat back.
Jacob altered his entire look to please Matt and the rest of the band.
Mr Butterfield decided he was getting old the first time he said, ‘back in my day...’
‘What do you mean there is no diplomatic immunity?!’ shouted the consul furiously.

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