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Can you name the Bible books hidden among these sentences??

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One of the most important human genes is TP53 which suppresses tumours.
Dogs can scratch their ears with a back foot. That’s clever! Can a human do that too?
The doctors said that Rachel would need a CT scan after her car accident.
‘I think I’ve got the flu,’ Ken moaned, as he blew his nose hard into a tissue.
‘I’m getting married at home,’ said Jordan, ‘I eloped before and Gretna wasn’t as nice as I thought!’
Getting a mosquito bite is no fun when you are camping.
'What do you mean you can’t find me? I’m at the west stand of the stadium,' shouted Nick.
‘Stop talking shop,’ said Dave, ‘it’s the weekend!. Let’s enjoy it. Pass me a cold one!'
Ms Flint was a fearsome teacher with a steel-grey bun and golden pince-nez rammed on her pointed nose.
Don’t be an idiot. Find the hidden wisdom. Don’t forget it. Use it well.
After fitting her new carpet, Erin asked all visitors to remove their shoes at the door.
After the third ninja messed up his line, the director decided to make the fight scene silent.
Susie asked me what sort of baby animal a chihuahua was. I told her they were always that small.
‘To tell you the truth, I’m unsure what is hidden in this one,’ Lisa said.
‘He’s there!’ Uncle Sam exclaimed when Ryan reached the finish. ‘He’s done it!’
When you give a banjo back to a bluegrass player, be sure to thank him.
Different shades of brown include fawn, umber, sepia and chocolate.
Yuck! I can’t believe the bride chose a wedding dress that was pink, it looks so cheap.
Dubai? Its near Oman. Sort of a city-state really, very fancy. Lots of ridiculously big buildings.
Farmer Dale was on his way to market with his prize sheep when the rain began.

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