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Can you name the books that have had their titles eaten away?

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How to PlayForced Order
What the worms have left me...Book TitleAuthor
nt hrdJckKrc
rbc cDphndMrr
prss nJnstn
thc lrfm gcTrryPrtchtt
tffr cskDnsn
tl sshr ggdynRnd
lr dft hflsWllmGldng
nn t nghty frGrgrwll
t hh stryf crd nWllmShkspr*
stf dnJhnStnbck
ths try ftr cybkrJcqlnWlsn
tht wt wrs JRRTlkn
What the worms have left me...Book TitleAuthor
t hb fgRldDhl
ths crtd ry fdrnm lgd 13¾STwnsnd
rm fn swnVrgnWlf
t hcntr brytlsGffryChcr
wn nth phMln
lsms rblsVctrHg
tht lfg njMrskShkb
pry r frwn mnyJhnrvng
s lght rhsfvKrtVnngt
tlftw ctsChrlsDckns
thv ryhng ryctr pllrrcCrl

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