2, 0, 1 or 3?

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Question2, 0, 1 or 3?
The number of the pitcher in baseball
What is the energy of the ground state of a system
The first number in the Fibonacci sequence
'The Chronicles of Narnia' - 'Harry Potter' series
The DVD region code for South Korea
The number of parts to Shakespeare's Henry VI
The number of items in 'a brace'
The number of Thomas the Tank Engine
The number of witnesses needed in Jewish law
How many US states gained statehood in 1912
Question2, 0, 1 or 3?
This word shares the same origin as 'cypher'
The first 'irrational number' was the square root of...
The atomic number of lithium
The number of seasons of 'Firefly'
The number of gifts brought to Jesus by the Magi
The number of giant panda subspecies
This is the first figurate number of any kind
A 2009 number-one single by Britney Spears
The green pocket on a European roulette wheel
Number of British monarchs called Stephen

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