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HaikuWarYear fighting began
A surprise first strike/Made Gaza Strip Israel's/Short war, but longer conflict1967
Cry of Dolores/Marked the start of this conflict/In English, at least1810
A great king's two sons/Battling to succeed their dad/Then came the Spaniards1529
Ferdinand was shot/Too many alliances/Fought in the trenches1914
KMT and Reds/Unite during World War II/Then fighting resumes1927
One peninsula/But two countries had been forged/Proxy war ensued1950
Cold War proxy battle/Commies in north, not in south/Not in Korea1955
HaikuWarYear fighting began
Hutu and Tutsi/Though peace agreement was reached/Genocide followed1990
Was it slavery?/Or was it about states' rights?/Well, the slaves were freed1861
One Little Frenchman/Caused so many big problems/Until Waterloo1803
Bolsheviks rise up/Tsars are removed from power/A Union is born1917
Man with the mustache/Wanting world domination/Met Russian winter1939
Pol Pot's takeover/His farming utopia/Led to Killing Fields1967
Young America/Looking to expand westward/The White House burned down1812

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