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NHL legend, now member of European Parliament
Czech(oslovakian) ice hockey legend who coached in NHL
Player who famously missed empty net, with opposing team scoring right afterwards to tie the game
Player who died during NHL game
Also involved in college football, died in aviation accident in 1918
First European captain to win Stanley Cup
Only defenseman who has won NHL scoring title
Finnish player who scored three hat trick in eight days in 1986
Player whose number is retired by Red Wings but taken down from the rafters
First European who was selected 1st overall
British hockey legend with several national records
Player who died on the same day as his number was retired
Player who was notably campaigned to be selected to NHL All-Star Game
First name of Sutter brother who never played in NHL
Soviet legend who died in car accident during the career
First goalie who was credited with a goal
Earliest selected brother duo in NHL Entry Draft
Player who scored first NHL goal outside North America
Scored Stanley Cup winning goal, died on the following summer in a aircraft accident
First French-trained player to play in NHL
First goaltender who was selected 1st overall in NHL Entry Draft
Player who ended his 22-year career with Stanley Cup
Imaginary hockey player drafted by Buffalo Sabres in 1974
Player born in Brazil but representing Canada
First Soviet player to legally play in NHL
NHL record holder with most 30-goal-seasons
First goalie who scored a goal
First to score 50 goals in 50 games
Tallest player ever to play in NHL
Goaltender who allowed Wayne Gretzky's first NHL goal

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