Motor racing circuits by corner names

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Can you name the Motor racing circuits by corner and straight names?

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NamesCircuitExtra Info
Doohan Corner, Honda Corner, Lukey Heights
Attwood Curve, Revolver Corner, Mike Knight Corner
Player's Bridge, Mario Andretti Straightaway, White's Corner
VIP, Parabolica Interior, Tanque
Crowthorne Corner, Jukskei Sweep, Leeukop
Paddock Hill, Druids, Westfield
Flugplatz, Ex-Mühle, Karussell
Mercedes Arena, Südkurve, Sachskurve
Curva Grande, Variante della Roggia, Parabolica
Curva do Sol, Pinheirinho, Mergulho
Keyhole, Esses, Jump
Tarzan, Scheivlak, Hugenholtz
Marina, Lakeside Drive, Prost
Craner Curves, Old Hairpin, Goddards
Lisboa Corner, Maternity Bend, Melco Hairpin
Sainte Devote, Mirabeau, Rascasse
Wakefield Corner, East Terrace, Brabham Straight
Hurry Downs, Carousel, Canada Corner
Ligne Droite du Mistral, Signes, Verriere
Casanova, Arabbiatta, Scarperia
NamesCircuitExtra Info
Becketts, Stowe, Abbey
Sterrenwacht, Terlamenbocht, Kanaalbocht
Degner Curve, Spoon Curve, 130R
Ese del Lago, Recta del Ovalo, Peraltada
Hunaudières, Indianapolis, Maison Blanche
Hasseröder, Shell-Esses, Triple
Musée, Garage Vert, La Chapelle
Andretti Hairpin, Rainey Curve, Corkscrew
Confiteria, Curvon, Horquilla
Stekkenwall, Hoge Heide, Geert Timmer Bocht
Expo 92, Angel Nieto, Ducados
Adelaide, Chateau d'Eau, Lycée
Tamburello, Piratella, Rivazza
Elf, Campsa, Repsol
Startkurvan, Gislaved, Södra
Gurney Bend, Fangio Chicane, Tower Turn
View Avenue, Main Beach Parade, Gold Coast Highway
Revett Straight, Bomb Hole, Coram
Sheares, Singapore Sling, Memorial
La Source, Eau Rouge, Pouhon

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