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The kings daughter's half-sister
The Kings daughter
The evil ruler of the kingdom of the Escetia.
The Pixie who served a Sidhe elder
The size of a cat, with the body crossed between a lion and a scorpion
His daughter is possessed by a Sidhe
The Slave Trade Leader
A large scorpion-like creature
A love interest to Gaius
A humanoid creature with green skin and an insatiable lust for gold.
The King
The Princess possessed by a Sidhe
A young warlock who enters in a tournament and uses magic to win
The Destined One
Saves Arthur and Merlin in a pub fight against Dagr
The Prince's Secret Lover
The Prince
In Love with Gwen
Enters to save the day with Lancelot near the end of Series 3. Very Muscular.
A Knight of Camelot. A good friend to Arthur
Her image appears in a water vial to Merlin
The Court Physician
Gwens brother

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