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Can you name the answers to these capital dilemmas?

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Capital/Country PossibilitiesAnswerBonus Info
Paris: Madagascar or France?
Bridgetown: Bahamas or Barbados?
Vientiane: Laos or Cambodia?
Muscat: Oman or Yemen?
Niamey: Nigeria (1) or Niger (2)?
Asuncion: Uruguay or Paraguay?
Harare: Zambia or Zimbabwe?
Roseau: Dominica (1) or Dominican Republic (2)?
Brazzaville: Rep. of Congo or Dem. Rep. of Congo?
Ljubljana: Slovakia or Slovenia?
Yaoundé: Cameroon or Cote d'Ivoire?
Maseru: Lesotho or Micronesia?
Malabo: Equatorial Guinea or Guinea-Bissau?
Yerevan: Georgia or Armenia?
Paramaribo: Guyana or Suriname?
Dili: East Timor or West Timor?
Basseterre: St. Kitts and Nevis or St. Vincent and the Grenadines?
Victoria: Seychelles or Maldives?
Majuro: Solomon Islands or Marshall Islands?
Bishkek: Brazil or Kyrgyzstan?

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