Some Africa and Americas Civilizations

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Economy based on agriculture
Location relative to the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers, also near the Indian Ocean coast
In arid valley in central Mexico
City of 'Great Zimbabwe' as capital of a prosperous empire
and the last one . . .
Located in the Mexican and Central American rain forest
Trans-Saharan trade
City of Timbuktu as center of trade and learning
Group of city-states ruled by a king
Polytheistic religion based on warfare, pyramids
Role of animism and Islam
Polytheistic religion
Poltheistic religion, pyramids (I know, very similar...)
Temple of the sun
Another ruled by an emperor
Achievements of Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilizations, name 1 (sorry they have to be in an order!)
Machu Picchu
Ruled by an emperor
Chichen Itza
Importance of gold for salt
Christian Kingdom
Located in the Andes Mountains
Location relative to Niger River and the Sahara (name 3)
Location relative to the Ethiopian Highlands and the Nile River
Economy based on high altitude agriculture
Road system
Located on the upper/southern Nile River

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