Rise of Macedonia and Alexander's Empire

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After the Peloponnesian War, what was Greece like?
Who was the strongest military power in the ancient world?
Who was the King of Macedon?
Where was Macedon located?
What were the goals of this king?
What system did he adopt to make the army stronger?
What were the 2 parts to the military?
The king got control of all city-states except which one?
What prevented the king from destroying the Persian empire?
Who was the son of Philip II?
How old was he when he took over the Macedonia kingdom?
Who was he tutored by?
What was he really good at?
What were his goals?
What places did he invade and conquer?
What did Alexander spread as he conquered lands?
Greek mixed with eastern culture and ideas to create what?
What new cities were established?
How long did the Hellenistic Age last?
How did Alexander die?
How many parts did the empire divide into after he died
Who ruled these?
What were the three parts?
Who were these ruled by?
In Egypt, what were the rulers?
Who led a revolt when asked to worship Greek gods?
Who declared their independence from Macedonia?
This caused them too . . .

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