Spider-Man Villains by Real Name

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Can you name the Spider-Man villains by their real names?

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Dr Curtis Conners
Richard Fisk
Frederick Foswell
Michael Morbius
Daniel Brito, Raymond Bloch, Jackson W. Brice
Maxwell Dillon
Dr Otto Octavius
Silvio Manfredi
MacDonald Gargan
Aleksei Sytevich
Norton G. Fester
Norman Osborn
Wilson Fisk
Martin Blank
Quentin Beck
Flint Marko
Abner Jenkins
Maynard Tiboldt
Herman Schultz
J Jonah Jameson
Dmitri Smerdyakov
Phineas Mason
Segie Kravinoff
Hobie Brown
Frank Oliver
Adrian Toomes
Mark Raxton

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