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Can you name the bands with only three members?

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Year of Debut, Genre, 'Name of an Album'BandLead Singer(s) Play(s)...
'57, Rock 'n Roll, 'That'll Be the Day'Guitar
'66, Hard Rock, 'Wheels of Fire'Bass
'67, Psychedelck Rock, 'Axis: Bold as Love'Guitar
'68, Acid Rock, 'Vincebus Eruptum'Bass
'69, Hard Rock, 'G____ F____'Guitar, Drums
'69, Hard Rock, 'Rides Again'Guitar
'70, Progressive Rock, 'Tarkus'Guitar/Bass
'71, Heavy Metal, 'Never Turn Your Back on a Friend'Bass
'71, Blues-rock, 'Tres Hombres'Guitar
'74, Progressive Rock, 'Permanent Waves'Bass
'77, Mod Revival, 'All Mod Cons'Guitar
'77, Speed Metal, 'Bomber'Bass
'78, Pop Rock, 'Reggatta de Blanc'Bass
'81, Punk Rock, 'Double Nickels on the Dime'Guitar
'81, Rockabilly, 'S____ C___'Guitar
'82, Alternative Rock, 'Zen Ardace'Guitar
'82, Alternative Rock, 'M___ P______ II'Guitar
Year of Debut, Genre, 'Name of an Album'BandLead Singer(s) Play(s)...
'83, Alternative Rock, 'V_____ F_____'Guitar
'85, Alternative Rock, 'You're Living All Over Me'Guitar
'87, Sludge Metal, 'Bullhead'Guitar
'88, Progressive Metal, 'Gretchen Goes to Nebraska'Guitar, Bass
'89, Alternative Metal, 'Frizzle Fry'Bass
'90, Punk Rock, 'Insomniac'Guitar
'91, Grunge, 'In Utero'Guitar
'92, Ska Punk, 'Robbin' the Hood'Guitar
'93, Alternative Rock, 'So Much for the Afterglow'Guitar
'94, Punk Rock, 'Take Off Your Pants and Jacket'Guitar, Bass
'95, Jam, 'G___ M___'Guitar
'95, Alternative Rock, 'Frogstomp'Guitar
'97, Texican Rock n' Roll, 'L__ L_____ B___'Guitar
'98, Punk Rock, 'From Here to Infirmary'Guitar
'99, Alternative Metal, 'Wonder What's Next'Guitar
'99, Alternative Rock, 'Absolution'Guitar

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