Country Sets II

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Can you name the countries that fit these criteria?

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4 Countries reaching further south than the Falkland Islands
4 Countries with the White Nile flowing through them
4 Countries beginning with the letters 'Co'
4 Countries sharing a border with Albania
3 Countries containing the consecutive letters 'urk'
3 Countries beginning with another country's name
3 Countries bordering Luxembourg
3 Countries with capitals beginning with 'Bra'
2 countries that are doubly-landlocked*
2 Countries with flags of a red stripe over a white stripe
2 Countries with capitals beginning with F
2 Countries directly south of India, but not bordering it
1 Country that is smaller than 1kmĀ²
1 Country split by a country that starts with A
1 Country with a capital beginning with I
1 Country with a Sporcle badge for playing 25 of its quizzes

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