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City where the movie takes place?
Name of boy whose mother recently died?
Occupation of his father?
Type of movie the kids are filming?
Kid who directs the movie?
Kid who plays the detective?
Girl who plays detective's wife?
Kid in charge of pyrotechnics?
Kid acting as an extra on the payphone?
Man driving pick-up truck into train?
Object taken home by boy from train crash site?
Name of the General in charge of crash site?
Name of town Sheriff?
Name of gas station attendant?
Name of camera shop employee and noted stoner?
Codename of the evacuation operation?
Object thrown into hole in garage to gauge depth?
Objects in woman's hair in the hole?
Structure that attracts the metal objects in town?
The last object pulled into the structure?
Creature's name?
Name of the kid's movie?

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