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Alex Haley's family tree1977 - LeVar Burton
Samurai Richard Chamberlain1980 - Richard Chamberlain
British Family Fortune1967 - Eric Porter
Christ: From Birth to Death1977 - Robert Powell
Rocky Mountain Pioneers1978 - Richard Crenna
Queen Glenda Jackson1971 - Glenda Jackson
Texas Rangers1989 - Robert Duvall
Brother Against Brother1985 - Patrick Swayze
Jews in Nazi Germany1978 - Meryl Streep
The Second President of the United States2008 - Paul Giamatti
A Gay Fantasia on National Themes2003 - Al Pacino
The Days of Wine and Romans1976 - Derek Jacobi
Defendant: Nazi Doctor Anthony Hopkins1974 - Anthony Hopkins
Alien Invasion1983 - Marc Singer
The Mogul and The Boxer1976 - Nick Nolte
Apollo Astronauts1998 - Tony Goldwyn
Easy Company2001 - Ron Livingston
San Francisco in 1970's1993 - Olympia Dukakis
Father Richard Chamberlain1983 - Richard Chamberlain
Alex Haley's family tree part II1979 - James Earl Jones

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