Club Penguin Locations

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Can you name the Club Penguin Locations?

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Things 2 do
Entrance to Lighthouse
Jet Pack Adventure
Jackhammer 4 coins
Bean Counters
Catchin' Waves
Dance Contest, DJ3K
Astro Barrier, Bits n Bolts, Thin Ice
Hydro Hopper
Card Jitsu
Entrance to Dojo
Elite Penguin Force
Entrance to Cove
Change Rooms, Clothes
Things 2 do
Entrance to Underwater Room
Aqua Grabber
Play Music
Connect 4
Cart Surfing, Puffle Rescue
Entrance to Mine
Sled Racing
Puffle Roundup, Puffle Launch
Pet Shop, Stage, Pizza Parlor
Snowball Fights
Acting, Plays
Coffee Shop, Dance Club, Gift Shop
Its Yours

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