Insects A-Z by Species

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Can you name the Insects A-Z by Species?

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ARed, Fire, Velvet, ect.
BCarpenter, Digger, Sweat, ect.
CGerman, Brownbanded, Oriental, ect.
DCommon Darter, Club Tail, Emperor, ect.
EEuropean, Ring Legged, ect.
FHen, Cat, Human, ect.
GRed legged, Lubber, Spur-throated, ect.
HBlack, American, Three-spot, ect.
INo other species
JGreen, Ten-lined, Figeater, ect.
KCommon, Shield-back, ect.
LBody, Crab, ect.
MChinese, Obscure Ground, ect.
NNo other species
ONo other species
PNo other species
QNo other species
RGold-and-brown, Gray-and-black, ect.
SNorthern, Giant, ect.
TFormosan Subterranean, Western Subterranean, Drywood, ect.
UNo other species
VNo other species
WPaper, Aipoid, Vespoidea, ect.
XNo other species
YAlso known as Steeler Bees
ZNo other species

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