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Two N64 games became game of the year, name one.
What happens when you pull out the game or hit the console during gameplay?
How many translucent controllers are there?
The N64 controller is shaped as what letter?
The N64 controller was the first to feature this new way of moving around.
Mario and his friends compete through 8 boards, over 50 minigames, and bragging rights. This game also featured 2 sequels for N64.
Very few games use the D-Pad exclusively. Name one of four.
Which game developer released games for N64, only to be sold to Microsoft?
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been released 4 more times since the original N64 versions. Name one other release of the game.
How many controllers can be supported at once?
Name one of two games that require the Expansion Pak.
What type of media is used for N64 software?
How many different coloured controllers are there?
What is N64's most popular release day game?
What N64 expansion was (almost) released to enable disks to be used as the media?
When was the N64 released?

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