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Can you name the words using the letters of the previous word plus one new letter?

Updated Aug 21, 2012

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A preposition, can also be written as '@' 
A cigarette ingredient 
A fixed charge per unit or quantity 
Someone who agrees to a bet or challenge 
A martial art 
To share 
A pet bird 
The second tone in a diatonic scale 
An external organ 
Concern; protection 
A surviving mark of a past existence 
A volcano's mouth 
Inconsistent and unpredictable 
A Chinese unit of distance 
A big fib 
A mass of land surrounded by water 
Signs of old age 
Having suffered decline due to old age 
A formal permission 
Something you can screw onto a firearm 
A type of computer memory 
A place separated by walls 
A particularly stupid person 
A follower of the teachings by Joseph Smith, Jr. 
An atom or small molecule that can become a component of a large molecule 
Your average Joe 
A pronoun 
To bring a civil action against 
Principles of regulation 
What comes out 
Long speeches that can be interesting or condescending 

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