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To close tightly, or grasp firmly
Your current location
Girlfriend of Forgetful Jones in Sesame Street
A container to receive and store something in
City in France surrounded by a chain of volcanoes
Pokemon #35
The second most populous Ohio city
A man in a religious order, one of the spellcasting classes in D&D
A means of transport, transmission or communication
A localized bacterial infection, a red gemstone, or a color also known as 'London Brown'
Apollo had one at Delphi
Slack-jawed yokel from the Simpsons
Egyptian queen known for her beauty and relationship with Julius Caesar
An eyeglass for one eye
Transparent, or easily understandable
A ball of thread
A series of occurences that repeats itself infinitely
A total, often ludicrous failure
An organ of touch found mainly on invertebrates
A family member, or a word you say to admit defeat

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