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Eponine is in love with...?
Where does Les Miserables take place? (country)
What job does Fantine resort to after losing her first job at the factory?
Who is married in the end?
What does Valjean steal from The Bishops house?
How does Eponine die?
How many years is Valjean a slave for?
Who is Eponines brother?
Fantines big song is...?
How many times is Gavroche shot?
In the sewer, what does Mr. Thenardier take from Marius?
How dies Javert die?
What is the job of the Thenardiers?
Eponines big song is...?
Who sings 'Castle on a Cloud'?
Who saves Marius after the battle?
What is Valjean aressted for in the beginning?
What is Jean Valjeans convict number?
Cosette is the daughter of...?
How many years is Cosette with the Thenardiers?

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