LOST Characters and Events III

Random Television or Lost (ABC) Quiz

Can you name the LOST Characters and based on the events listed below?

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This character visited an archaelogical dig site in Tunisia
This character was killed while handling dynamite
Jack told this character to find a pen for him
This character was being brainwashed on Hydra Island
This character was struck by a car after a phone conversation
This character pulled a bullet out of his arm
This character said 'we're going to have to take the boy'
This character wanted juice from the grocery store
This character killed the pilot of Oceanic 815
This character saw a black horse both on and off the island
This character lived at The Flame, and also killed Charlie
This character conned her brother
This character was surprisingly killed by his own sawed-off shotgun
This character went to get blankets...bad decision
This character purchased the journal of the first mate of the Black Rock at an auction

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