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Indy's turncoat partner
Indy's son
Headpiece to staff of Ra burned his hand
Kept his pet snake Reggie in the plane
Tried to pick Indy's pocket in Shanghai
Is as human as the next man..
Autographed the Grail Diary
Would sell his mother for an Etruscan vase
The best digger in Egypt
Got lost in his own museum
A Nazi who talks in her sleep
Too bad the Hovitos didn't know him like Indy
The skipper of the Bantu Wind
First heard of Indy while at Oxford
Thinks archaelogists look for their 'Mommies'
Leads the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword
Daughter of Indy's mentor
Tried to pull Indy's heart out
Tried to steal Nurhachi without paying
Russian psychic and Colonel

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