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Can you name the President based on the date and location of their wedding?

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Date and PlaceCoupleExtra Information
January 1, 1824; Childress plantation; Rutherford County, Tennessee
December 18, 1915; Galt household, Washington, District of Columbia
November 4, 1842; Edwards household, Springfield, Illinois
June 28, 1919; Trinity Episcopal Church, Independence, Missouri
June 2, 1886; Blue Room, The White House, Washington, District of Columbia
June 19, 1886; Herron household, Cincinnati, Ohio
February 16, 1786; Trinity Episcopal Church, New York, New York
July 8, 1891; Harding household, Marion, Ohio
July 7, 1946; Plains Methodist Church, Plains, Georgia
January 25, 1871; First Presbyterian Church, Canton, Ohio
August 22, 1848; White Haven plantation, St. Louis County, Missouri
March 29, 1813; Cedar Grove Plantation; New Kent County, Virginia
January 6, 1945; First Presbyterian Church, Rye, New York
November 11, 1858; Rudolph household, Hiram, Ohio
October 18, 1992; Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago, Illinois
November 25, 1795; Wood household, North Bend, Ohio
February 10, 1858; McIntosh household, Albany, New York
December 30, 1852; Webb household, Cincinnati, Ohio
March 4, 1952; Little Brown Church, Los Angeles, California
November 17, 1934; St. Mark's Episcopal Church, San Antonio, Texas
October 15, 1948; Grace Episcopal Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan
September 12, 1953; St. Mary's Catholic Church, Newport, Rhode Island
October 25, 1859; Calvary Episcopal Church, New York, New York
May 17, 1827; McCardle household, Greeneville, Tennessee
Date and PlaceCoupleExtra Information
October 4, 1905; Goodhue household, Burlington, Vermont
July 1, 1916; Doud household, Denver, Colorado
February 21, 1807; Huxton House, Catskill, New York
December 2, 1886; St. George's Church of Hanover Square, London, England, United Kingdom
February 5, 1826; Powers household, Moravia, New York
September 15, 1794; Harewood plantation, Jefferson County, Virginia
February 10, 1899; Henry household, Monterey, California
June 21, 1810; Chew plantation, Jefferson County, Kentucky
January 18, 1794; Donelson household, Nashville, Tennessee
June 26, 1844; The Church of the Ascension, New York, New York
July 26, 1797; All Hallows-By-The-Tower Anglican Church, London, England, United Kingdom
January 1, 1772; The Forest plantation, Charles City County, Virginia
October 25, 1764; Smith household, Weymouth, Massachusetts
November 19, 1834; Means household, Amherst, New Hampshire
June 21, 1940; Presidential Suite, Mission Inn, Riverside, California
March 17, 1905; Ludlow and Parish townhouses, New York, New York
April 6, 1896; St. Thomas Protestant Episcopal Church, New York, New York
October 11, 1975; Rodham/Clinton household, Fayetteville, Arkansas
November 5, 1977; First United Methodist Church, Midland, Texas
January 6, 1759; White House plantation, New Kent County, Virginia
October 27, 1880; Unitarian Church, Brookline, Massachusetts
January 26, 1940; Wee Kirk o' the Heather Chapel, Glendale, California
October 20, 1853; Scott household, Oxford, Ohio
June 24, 1885; Axson household, Savannah, Georgia

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