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Miley was born right handed.True/False
What was the first song she sang on stage with her father?
What is her favorite cereal?
What does she wake up at 5 a.m. to do every morning?
What is her favorite book?
What was the name of her Youtube show?
What is her favorite sport?
Who is the only family member that still calls her Destiny?
Miley has a tattoo representting gay rights.True/False
How siblings does Miley have?spell the number
What show did Miley first appear on?
What color does Miley say has its own attitude
What year did she legally change her name?
Where did she live when she attended Armstrong Acting Studio?
What is her favorite song by her father?
She taught Emily how to play guitar, what did Emily teach her?
What is Miley's sign?
What part did she initially audition for in 'Hannah Montana'?
What headlining group did she go on tour with in 2006?
What was the title of the first Hannah Montana episode?

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