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Eric Foreman's father?
Eric Foreman's mother?
Eric Foreman's sister?
His dumb friend?
Eric's girlfriend?
His foreign friend?
Who always wore glasses?
Kelso's first girlfriend?
Who drove the vista Cruiser?
Donna's second boyfriend?
Donna's father?
Donna's mother?
Hyde's sister?
Eric's pet hamster's name?
Hyde's mother's occupation?
where did they paint a pot leaf?
Hyde's first job?
donna's little sister's name?
But Pam is so ____?
Who sat next to God on the bus?
Fez's girlfriend at the dmv?
Does anyone know where Fez is from?
Their School's team mascot?
Who faught in two wars?
I said _____ ____?
Who got an 800 on the SATs?
Who got a 950?
Who got a 1230?
Who is the best Foreman? Who is Batman?
Last person up the stairs has to call Red a _______?

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