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Anviral Tx for influenza A only. Inerferes with uncoating. Resistance is through a mutation of M2. Side effect: hallucination
HIV protease inhibitor
flacid paralysis. Destruction of the anterior horn
Filovirus, Zaire, sudan, Ivory. Histological 'shepards hook' look. Hemorrhagic fever. Bats
HIV integrase inhibitor
umbilicated lesions. Skin to skin transmission. Look like skin tags
Tx. for Herpes vericella/zoster
Cough, head cold, conjunctivitis. Koplik's spots (in mouth), Maculopapular erythematous rash
Asians, native americns, pacific islanders. RNA intermediate. Diabtetics. Hepatocellular carcinoma. Sexually transmitted disease. Chronic infection
What is the MCC of encephalitis in the US, seen in lower socioeconomic classes
sandfly fever, rift valley fever
Neuraminidase is to enter or exit the cell
microcephaly, cortical atrophy, limb hypoplasia, scars, hypo-pigmentation, blistering
Tx for RSV. Guanosine analogue. Alters mRNA formation. Teratogen and causes Anemia. Hep C Tx.
Second most common cause of the cold. URTI. SARS
Roseola, maculopapular rash (exanthems) looks like a thousand mosuito bites
Drug 3 in chronic Hep C infection tx (alphabetical order)
Infection with another virus
Topica Tx for genital warts
Rhabdovirus. Bullet shapped. Negri body. Skunk
Inceases Tax gene expression. Japan/Caribbean. Cutaneous leukemic infiltrate in the ear and skin. Adult T cell Lymphoma (ATL) Conifection with strongiloides
Burkitts lymphoma - massive inflamation of face and jaw. Histologicaly lymphoma looks like a 'stary night'
Hep B Tx Drug 2 (alphabetical order)
Type A or B cause ependemic flu
Subclass of acyclovir that treats mucocutaneous HSV and Herpes Zoster
Tx for HSV and Vericella. Guanosine analogue. DNA chain terminator.
Cruise ships (cramped contained areas). Diarrhea 1-3 days in adults
Dependent on hepatitis B for entry into cells. Coinfection/ superinfection. Replicates in nucleus
Drug 1 in chronic Hep C infection tx (alphabetical order)
Fluctuating ALT, hepatocellular carcinoma. MCC of hepatitis in US. Cirrhoisis. Porphyria tarda
MCC of respiratory hospitiliztions in children. Bronchitis/wheezing
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Hep B Tx. Drug 1 (alphabetical order)
What human herpes virus apears after puberty. skin lesions 'erythematous base with grouped vesicles'. STD
@ less than 100 count cd4
CNS disease, mosquitos, ticks fleas
Elevated ST. myocarditis, pericaditis. enterovirus
@ less then 200 count CD4
Causes the expression of antiviral genes. Treats Chronic hepatitis B and C, and HPV
Jaundice. Travelers illness. massive increase in ALT and AST. No chronic stage
Subclass of Acyclovir that treats genital HSV
activated by radiation, immune supression, age surgery. Runs along dermatomes
'Slapped cheaks' Infx of RBC precursors. Chronic anemia, hydrops fetalis. also called fifths disease
under what number of RNA copies is the HIV virus considered supressed
tick born encephalitis (japanese virus, west nile, st luise)
Morbillivirus is also known by what common name
Hepatosplenomegaly, jaundice, sensorineural hearing loss, Owl eye inclusions
Mono in health adults. Splenomegaly. hemolytic anemia. significant LAD.
Orthomyxoviridea. Neuraminidase, hemagluttinin. Rhinorrhea, malaise, pharyngitis
California encephalitis, Lacrosse fever, aedes triseriatus
Chicken pox. Can (rarely) cause pneumonia.
lassa fever
MCC of cold. Fall and Spring
Antiviral Tx. for Influenza A and B. Sialic acid analogue. Neuraminidase inhibitor.
Karposi sarcomas in AIDS
new and old world encephalitis
Two required drugs to tx HIV (NRTI) - alphabetical order
croup and stridor. Fall, spring. Flu like syptoms
Military, Respiratory and Ocular symptoms (pneumonia and conjunctivitis. Dose not cause neoplastic transformation. Obesity
disrupts p53.
What polyomavirus causes ureteral stenosis
break bone fever (joint pain) rash. Aedes agypti
Congo, ticks
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Oral hairy leukoplakia.
transmission is viral load dependent. initial presentation is fever, malasie, LAD, pharyngitis, diarrhea. GP120 utilizes CCR5 to fuse with target cell
4 corners/ sin nombre virus. pink frothy sputum
Hits oligodendrocytes. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (hemiparisis, gait, speech, visual, cognition changes) demylinating disease. AIDS. Also ureteral stensos
@ less then 50 cuont cd4
Same as RSV, just a little older
What specific virus cause PML
Classic = fever vomiting, epigastric pain, black vomitis. Phase 1 - non specific febrile illness. remission and improvement. Phase 2 metabolic intoxification (hepatic/renal falure)
Acquired in childhood. Causes gingiostomatitis (inflammation of gums and tongue) keratitis (major cause of congenital blindness US) Whitlow (inflammation of digit) Encephalitis (MC
Massive swelling of the neck. Fever headache, pancreatitis,
Hand foot and mouth disease. fever, rashes (papules), acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis
Tx for CMV infection (1 of 4)
cancerous strains of HPV (higher to lower without a space)
Mild disease in healthy. Prenatal infx - deafness, cateract, cadiac problems
Drug 2 in chronic Hep C infection tx (alphabetical order)
What is rubelavirus also known as
Viruses belonging to enterovirus (abreviation in alphabetical order)
Atypical lymphocytes
Paramyxoviruses (first four letters in alphabetical order)
Severe diarrhea. First 3 years of life. Destruction of enterocyte, Varient = colorado tick fever
Infection into already individually infected cells
warts, cervical cancer
Replicates in CD4 lymphocytes, delays appearance of AIDS
MCC of aseptic meningitis
High Alt.. Live stock. Waterborne.
HIV prophylaxis
knock out of this gene conveys immunity to HIV
orthopox. Disrupts the Basement membrane (scaring) all lesions look the same age

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