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Strain of cryptococcus on the west coast and hits non-immuncompromised
Immunecompromised w/ old dressings or IVs mucormycosis
Drug addict, diabetic w/ ketoacidosis, Bone transplant recipient, Renal Failure. Black necrosis of the ororpharynx. Rapid presentation
Athletes foot
Strain of cryptococcus that hits immunecompromised
Broad base budding, In soil. Great lakes. Beavers. Hits Normal immune systems. Fisherman, campers, hunters
Distal finger nail infection
Dose dependent Candida strain
When in serum grows pseudohyphae. Retinal presentations
Pseudo membrane in oropharynx - thrush.
Serology is terrible and is often false positive for histoplasmosis
Dx stain for Cryto
prophylaxis for pneumocystis and toxoplasmosis
Jock Rot 'well demarcated line'
Ring worm
Ubiquitous with hyphae branching at acute angles
Risk factor for yeast infection
Fungal infection causing baldness
Anti-fungal with Side effects of adrenal Insufficiency and hepatic necrosis. Needs gastric acid for absorption
MCC of fungal meningitis in AIDS pts. Pidgeon poop.
Narrow base budding
diaper rash
Verrucous/warty skin lesions in cooler areas (tip of nose, fingers)
candida strain resistant to azoles
Antifungal drug whose mechanism is similar to that of penicillin to bacteria. Tx for candida and aspergillus.
Need to suppliment with potassium, magnesium and EPO because of its renal toxicity.
erythema nodosum, hilar adenopathy. Apical cavitary disease. Dark skin and pregnancy are risk factors. Meningitis = Tx for life
right angle hyphae
QuestionAnswerAdditional information
HIV Finger nail infection
Drug that is concentrated in the skin. Side effect is a loss of taste. Effective against dimorphic fungi in nails and skin
Low Alkaline phosphatase, LDH less than 300, Leukocytopenia. Diagnosed via urine serology
Bone fungal infections
Halo sign, wedge shaped pulmonary emboli infarct, immune compromised
Tx for histoplasmosis, spirotrichosis, and blastomyces. Taken with food/coca cola. Side effects: Adrenal excess (edema, hypertension, hypokalemia) nausea, vomiting. Long term - per
Anti-fungal with 3 fluorides. Tx for aspergillus. S/E - Bone pain, alteration in electroretinogram, increased alkaline phos, periostitis, Visual scatoma. Multiple drug interactions
Tx for Zygomycetes
Skinny white male with COPD gets this fungal infection. pneumoia pericarditis, adrenal disease, adenocarcinoma like bowel lesions
Massive laryngeal mass causing obstruction - South americam agricultural worker
DNA synthesis inhibitor. Goes to the CNS. Can Cause hemorrhagic colitis and pancytopenia
Apical lung fungal ball
Drug with multiple double bonds and intercalates into fungal plasma membranes creating lytic pores
Serology is great and should ALWAYS be followed
Antifungal to treat fungal UTI's and has CSF penetration. Great pharmacokinetics.Treats coccidioides.
Diabetic mucormycosis
Arizona/mexico border, Confussion/meningitis
Intracellular fungus, Spelunking, prisons, chicken coops
Rapid O2 desaturation upon exertion. Life threatening pneumonia in AIDS. Ubiquitous
Parental drug addict mucormycosis
Side effects are: Shake and Bake (fever chills, headache, nausea, vomiting) mediated through release of prostaglandin E. Renal toxicity is closely watched.
Treats ring worm and nail infections. Inhibits nucleic acid synthesis
HIV, Thailand, Red pigment
Tx for cryptococcus meningitis (Abv.)
Bone marrow recipients/leukemic pts. mucormycosis
Never use this for diagnosis of cryptococcus
Fungal infection that runs along lymphatic vessel. Rose growers disease
Bind to fungal heme iron in cytochrome P-450

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